CL-100 in Charleston, Summerville, Ladson SC and Tri County Area

Only $75

Pest Inspection

Selling, refinancing,buying? Are you wondering if you have a Termite problem?

Our CL-100 inspection service can give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

Termite pest activity is one of the greatest risks when purchasing a home. It can also be the most difficult to detect and the extent of damage is hard to determine without an Invasive inspection.

A Pre-Purchase Termite and  Inspection will look at factors like:

  • Evidence of live termite activity like mud leads, damaged timbers and identified termite species
  • Evidence of old damage or activity which is currently inactive
  • Evidence of conditions conducive to termite and timber pest activity

If you suspect termite activity in a property you already own, or if you are considering purchasing some property, call us at (843) 875-2008 and let us inspect the property for you.